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Dementia Symptoms and Treatment Options - Step 8

Treatment Options

Potential treatment options are listed below in order from most effective to least effective, as determined by TeddyCanHeal's advanced software. Not every treatment will work for everyone, so talk to your doctor to determine what will be best for your individual needs. Many treatments may also be used in combination with one another or with medication.

15: Resveratrol


General Information:

Resveratrol is a compound naturally found in plants. It is commonly derived from the skin of red grapes, but can also be found in dark chocolate, peanuts, blueberries, and raspberries. It is one of the most active and widely-studied components of red wine. As mentioned in a previous section, red wine offers numerous health benefits, including neurological benefits for those with dementia.

Like many of the other treatments on this list, resveratrol is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help protect cells against damage caused by harmful substances known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). This damage, known as oxidative stress, is thought to contribute to the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Inflammation is also a problem in such diseases, which makes resveratrol doubly beneficial because it also possesses anti-inflammatory effects.

Scientific Studies:

In 2002, rats with cognitive problems and oxidative stress reminiscent of Alzheimer’s-type dementia were given regular doses of resveratrol. The treatment was found to prevent cognitive deficits as well as reducing oxidative stress, and the authors remarked on its potential as a treatment for Alzheimer’s and similar neurodegenerative diseases.

A similar study was conducted in 2013, this time with rats who had a rodent version of vascular dementia. The resveratrol treatment improved their memory and their ability to learn, and the researchers also performed chemical tests that confirmed the substance’s neuroprotective effects and supported the idea that these effects come from its antioxidant properties. More vascular dementia-based research was done the following year, with the same results.

16: Coconut Oil (nonhydrogenated)

Coconut Oil (nonhydrogenated)

General Information:

Coconut oil has gained a lot of attention in recent years as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s. Typically, the brain gets most of its energy from glucose. However, in Alzheimer’s disease, the body’s ability to process glucose is altered, which can make it difficult for the brain to get the energy it needs. Thankfully, there is a backup. Medium chain triglycerides can provide the brain with an alternative source of energy, and coconut oil is rich with them.

Consuming medium chain triglycerides has been shown to significantly improve memory in people who were previously memory-impaired, though since it is a relatively new treatment, there is still a lot of debate over how effective and reliable it is.

Those who favor this treatment recommend starting with one tablespoon a day, increasing the dose to 4-6 tablespoons per day over time. Coconut oil can easily be mixed into foods, and it is recommended that you spread out your daily intake over multiple meals. Side effects are generally mild, with the most common being an upset stomach. Those using coconut oil should also keep an eye on their cholesterol, and pursue other treatments if they have problems keeping it in a safe range.

Scientific Studies:

The notion of using coconut oil to treat age-related cognitive impairment is a fairly recent one, and at this point much of the evidence supporting it as a treatment is anecdotal. However, a 2015 study did look at the impact of giving patients with Alzheimer’s-type dementia 40mL of coconut oil or a placebo each day. The researchers noted significant improvements in cognitive function for those taking the coconut oil treatment versus those on the placebo. The positive effect was especially strong for women and those who had particularly severe cases of dementia.

Dementia Symptoms and Treatment Options

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